About Us

About the owner.

Born and raised in Eastern Montana, I moved to Seattle in the nineties after finishing school. Here I met my husband, John, while out dancing at Doc Maynard's one night in Pioneer Square. We've since been happily married for more than 30 years and raised our son and daughter in that time. We love the northwest. Having just retired from school teaching, I'm actively finding new ways to enjoy our home and cherished friendships. Hopefully my designs can accomplish some of the same for you!

How it started.

Right after having kids, selling jewelry was how we started saving for the future. It became our "Nest Egg." In it I found a passion and creativity I'm excited to continue today. Each of my pieces are original and handmade.

What it's about.

Now, having stepped away from the "day job" I'm finding more time to make new and exciting jewelry designs, spend time with family and friends, and read books on the couch with my ridiculous dog, Jack.